Working From Home? Do These 5 Things to Stay Productive (and Sane)

Pro tips on tackling remote work from a freelancer who lives the living room office life. Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels Regardless of the COVID-19 related cause (i.e. closed schools, temporary workplace shutdown), the current reality is many professionals worldwide will be working from their own pads for the next two weeks — at least. If you can work from home, […]

How to Say No: Start With This.

Saying ‘Yes’ 24/7 leaves you exasperated. Harness this caveat to prevent burnout and actually improve your relationships and career. Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash It’s hard to say ‘No.’ The negative response might make you feel like a selfish jerk, a disobliging team member, or worse: a wet blanket. ‘Yes’ is the default for many, for any […]

How to Avoid Writing: Asinine Things You’ll Do Instead

Featuring: reorganizing the hall closet…yet again. Bonus: some real tools that actually help with writer’s block. I’m a writer — except when, all-of-a-sudden, I’m not. If you’re a writer, I bet you’re ‘not’ sometimes, too. Writer’s block hits and the excuses fall faster than a ton of bricks: you can’t find the right words; you’re […]

You Need to Stop Reading Your Ex’s Horoscope. Here’s Why.

(Broken down by astrological sign, of course. Yours, not theirs.) Did you read your horoscope today? Whether it’s in a daily free newspaper, a popular astrology website, or an app, checking your horoscope is a ritual bordering on religion for many. Makes sense: in a society where traditional religious belief is declining, it’s a way […]