5 Brutal Love Lessons That Break Your Heart (Then Set You Free)

The good news: in the end, they’ll leave your heart full— if a little leaky. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels How many heartbreaks have you had? Wait, back that up. How many ‘big loves’ came before that? If you’re lucky, you’ll have a few Life. Stopping. Loves. in your life —some say three, each for a ‘reason’ — plus some […]

You Need to Stop Reading Your Ex’s Horoscope. Here’s Why.

(Broken down by astrological sign, of course. Yours, not theirs.) Did you read your horoscope today? Whether it’s in a daily free newspaper, a popular astrology website, or an app, checking your horoscope is a ritual bordering on religion for many. Makes sense: in a society where traditional religious belief is declining, it’s a way […]

7 Too-Real Truths About Dating Guys With Kids

Here’s how to date a dude with kids… Dating guys with kids disclaimer: I wrote this a few years back when I was dating, and living with, a guy with a kid. Reading it, it still resonates, but obviously this is just my experience and doesn’t speak for every unique situation out there. I just […]