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Work samples are great snapshots from a body of work. Key word? Snapshots.

They show the pretty end product, but not:
-the careful consideration and endless edits put into every piece of writing
-countless hours of collaboration with multiple internal and external departments to produce winning web campaigns for TV shows
-daily communication with PR clients to ensure campaigns are on the right track

In my resume, you’ll see the cross-functional, behind-the-scenes skills that have been key to my success and the success of the campaigns I’ve worked on. I’d love to see how we can work together to build your brand.

See my resume here.

Need a deep-dive resume that hones in on one area of expertise? Please email me.

about me.

other. not. work. stuff.

-I read more books than I can buy.

-Hoard pretty notebooks (criteria varies).

-Clip or screenshot every ‘good horoscope day.’

-I’m the proud owner of a living room tiger (okay, a fluffy black rescue kitten, Bear. Fun fact: in German, slang for a house cat is ‘Stubentiger‘ – meaning, of course, living room tiger. I love it.)

-A rum enthusiast and salt water junkie – I should have been born in a beach town – but lucked out and can now walk to the lake in Port Credit, Mississauga.

-A nostalgic (for a time I wasn’t alive) black and white photographer.

-Very mediocre drummer.

Things I can’t do: cook without setting off smoke alarm (I blame my oven), go a full day without dropping or breaking something, go into mosh pits anymore (what was I thinking?) Anyway…
resume, brooke wilkinson

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