Pro tips on tackling remote work from a freelancer who lives the living room office life.

work from home, Working From Home? Do These 5 Things to Stay Productive (and Sane), brooke wilkinson
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Regardless of the COVID-19 related cause (i.e. closed schools, temporary workplace shutdown), the current reality is many professionals worldwide will be working from their own pads for the next two weeks — at least.

If you can work from home, first and foremost: be grateful. Many will be (or already are) stuck sans paycheque, with plenty of time to stew on anxieties and frustrations about health, finances and the future.

Still, the situation isn’t ideal if you didn’t choose it, and if you’re like some of my friends and fam who swear they ‘could NEVER work from home full-time!’ I am a bit sorry for your luck.

It’s going to get lonely. These next couple of weeks will be one thousand percent easier for introverts than extroverts (perhaps duh).

Also, the distractions are endless, and somehow even your boring old house becomes a whole new world when you’re ‘exploring it’ to avoid work.

(Now, put down that album of blurry Polaroids from middle school and let’s get down to it.)

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