Saying ‘Yes’ 24/7 leaves you exasperated. Harness this caveat to prevent burnout and actually improve your relationships and career.

how to say no, How to Say No: Start With This., brooke wilkinson
Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

It’s hard to say ‘No.’

The negative response might make you feel like a selfish jerk, a disobliging team member, or worse: a wet blanket.

‘Yes’ is the default for many, for any and all of these reasons:

  • Desire to be seen as kind, or well liked
  • Drive to succeed
  • Some are ‘Superheros’ with the ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ mindset
  • Others feel obligated or guilty

…but a lot of us just don’t say ‘No’ out of habit and have no clue how to start.

There’s a point at which saying ‘Yes’ to every request becomes both a detriment to you, and to the other person(s)— not to mention damages your relationship dynamic.

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