Here’s how to date a dude with kids…

Dating guys with kids disclaimer: I wrote this a few years back when I was dating, and living with, a guy with a kid. Reading it, it still resonates, but obviously this is just my experience and doesn’t speak for every unique situation out there. I just hope it can provide some advice for someone who might feel as lost as I did in the beginning. Good luck and so much love to all you blended families out there!*

About me: I am a proud partier, a lover of travel, and overall, a self-indulgent twenty-something year-old. I’ve never known if I wanted children or if I would ever “settle down.” Yet somehow, I’ve found myself dating a dude with a three-year-old. Go figure.

Over the past two years, I’ve had good times, bad times, and learned a lot along the way. So for you, dear readers, I have seven suggestions for a successful relationship with a single dad.

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